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PVC Tiles Hydraulic Hot Press Machine
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Cooling & Hot Press Machine
1.Adopt the aluminum alloyed heating plates , which make the temperature averaged , stabilize the quality and increase productivity.
2.Adopt logical and computerized control to operate accurately.
3.Easy maintenance.
4.Include protection device to low breakdown rate. 5.Attach accessories , which can be adjusted to three or four daylights , in accordance with thickness of molds. ( 190mm *4 daylights , 210mm *3 daylights )
Total pressure - 60 ton
Size of heating plate - 400 ㎜ × 470 ㎜
Daylight dimension - 4coat
Distance of heating plate - 190 ㎜
Storke - 700 ㎜
Type of heating- 760 ㎜
Down speed - Vapor, water
Operation - Button completely automatic

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